Here is a list of frequently asked questsons.
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What allergy information should I be aware of? All Cakelets have the possibility of coming in contact with eggs, nuts, wheat, soy, dairy and other popular allergens.
Where are you located? Cakelet Candies is currently a home based business operating under the Ohio Cottage Law, serving the greater Cleveland area.
How big are Cakelets? Cakelets are around the size of a golf ball.
How far in advance do I need to order? Each order is unique and made to order, we do not have an inventory on a daily basis. Please allow at least one week's notice, allowing enough time to get the supplies needed and plan out your order to the highest quality.
Do Cakelets need to be refrigerated? No, they do not have to be refrigerated, although it is recommended. They are best served slightly chilled.
How long will Cakelets last? They are freshest within the first week. If you are able to withhold eating them within the first week, they can be refrigerated for up to two weeks, or frozen in an air tight container for two months. If frozen, let thaw in room temperature for several hours before serving.
Do you ship? At this time we do not ship. Cakelets are available for pick up or delivery in the greater Cleveland area.
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