Traditional: Traditional Cakelets are round in shape and covered in chocolate colored to your liking, topped with you choice of chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, or a fondant flower.
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Custom: Custom Cakelettes can be designed to fit your needs, or match your party theme. Anything from animals to sports to holidays, nothing is to challenging for us.
Containers: Containers include colored confetti paper in the pail. Color can be customized to match your order. Any other type filler can be used if supplied (ex: candy).
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Pricing: $15 per dozen
$10 extra per dozen for Custom designs*
Packaging Options: Boxed: Included
on a black platter tray: + $2
on sticks wrapped in cellophane: included
on sticks in a container:
     In a colored paper Chinese take out container: + $1 per dozen
     In a metal pail container: + $3 per dozen
*Custom designs are those in shapes other than the traditional ball shape (ex: shapes of animals and characters), as well as fondant toppers. If you are unsure if the design you want would be considered custom please call us and we'd love to talk through your design and which category it falls under.
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